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Lights 4 Lake

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Lights 4 Lake

This is an opportunity for you to make a significant contribution to enhance our community – a contribution that would be greatly appreciated by all.

What an amazing result! Committee4Wagga is happy to announce that all 104 light poles have been sponsored/donated. The support has been incredible. Thank you to everyone who sponsored/donated a light pole.

Lights4Lake Description

  • The Lights4Lake project is designed to provide additional daylight hours through lighting to the shared pathway around Lake Albert;
  • 104 solar light poles will be required to provide adequate light to the 5.5 kilometre track;
  • A top mounted solar cell, battery and LED lamp will be fitted to each light pole;
  • Poles will be hot dipped in steel and powder coated black;
  • Each pole will feature a plaque acknowledging the donor or sponsor;
  • You also have the option to remain anonymous if you wish.

Your support will be etched into the history of the project through donor plaque recognition. The Lake Albert walkway is free to use and is available to all members of the Wagga Wagga community to access at any time. The installation of solar lighting around the walkway will increase the hours that the recreational facility can be used by everyone, safely.

Lights4Lake Objectives

  • Improve local community participation through the delivery of social, environmental and recreational activities;
  • Encourage families and the community to utilise the walkway and associated facilities;
  • Unify the community through fostering participation in infrastructure development to generate a sense of ownership and engagement;
  • Promote healthy and active lifestyle choices;
  • Promote community interaction in a shared communal space;
  • Improve the safety of users on the Lake Albert walkway;
  • Improve the liveability quality of the City of Wagga Wagga.

About the Project

Committee4Wagga seeks to raise additional community funds to secure the project through the sale of 104 individual light poles in a fundraising appeal. We seek your favourable consideration to provide a donation or sponsor a light pole to ensure the success of this project.

Each personal donor or business sponsor will be recognised in the following ways:

  • Personal donor/business sponsor name and message on a plaque attached to a light pole;
  • Wagga Daily Advertiser honour roll (optional);
  • Committee4Wagga website honour roll (optional); and
  • Other communication opportunities of  Committee4Wagga.

The true recognition is your own personal feeling of satisfaction in contributing to this project and to the City.




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